Duplicate documents detection




When a user adds a document, M-Files now tells the user if there already are documents with the exact same content in the vault. If a document has duplicates, they can be seen in the listing area by expanding the "Duplicate File Content" node.

Set a primary file type for multi-file documents



Added a possibility for administrators to set a file type to act as the primary file type for multi-file documents via the configurations editor in M-Files Admin. After setting a file type as primary for multi-file documents, the preview, icon, and default action of multi-file documents are determined according to it. Primary file types for multi-file documents are available in M-Files Desktop only.

Enhance configuration for displaying the "Change State" dialog when changing workflow state



The Named Value configuration "ShowChangeStateUI" controls when the "Change State" dialog that allows adding comments about a workflow state transition is shown. It now has four different settings instead of earlier two:

  • 0 - Disables the dialog everywhere

  • 1 - Enables the dialog everywhere (default)

  • 2 - Enables the traditional/legacy way: shows the dialog from the task pane but not from the metadata card

  • 3 - Enables the opposite configuration: shows the dialog from the metadata card but not from the task pane

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